Jonathan Vingiano

Advertising Creative

New York City

Dish: Talk Boston

Inspired by the popularity of Dish’s “Boston Guys” characters, we created Dish’s first ever integrated campaign that taught America how to talk with a Boston accent. Even though the campaign is over, Bostonians still use it as the go to reference for Boston accents online. Talk Boston was mentioned in the media hundreds of times and the website had over a million visits during the campaign. The website included video content and interactive elements like a quiz and a tool to translate your tweets into Boston slang. I oversaw the creation of the digital aspect of this campagin including the design and development of the website, the game, and the Twitter translator.

Watch the case study video below.


Role: Creative Technology Director
ECD: Eric Kallman
Creative Directors: Dave Canning, Dan Trichel
Designer: Matt Egan

Selected Press