Emerald Nuts — Revue of Revues


Emerald Nuts has some diehard fans, so we figured we should let them do the talking for us. To make that happen, we got artists to interpret real Amazon reviews of Emerald Nuts. See them all on the Tumblr and some favorites below.

Role: Creative Director
Partner: Matt Moore
Creatives: Molly Wilkof, Zoe Kessler
Agency: Barton F Graf

Review “Very addicting stuff! Like something illegal for sure but not.”
Director Jack & Justin

Review “I'm in love with your nuts!!!!! Wait, that doesn't sound right....oh well, I'm sure you know what I mean! Your products are AMAZING! My #1 favorite are the Salt & Pepper Cashews. Perfectly seasoned and the taste? Delish!!!! Thank you :) – Michela B.”
Director Reed and Rader

Review “Bought these for my dad as a stocking stuffer. He loves cashews and the spicier the better. He loved these highly recommended for any spice lover!“
Director Cari Vander Yacht

Review “All YOUR products all exceptionally good.”
Director Michael Illick

Review My boys love these! Great zippy flavor, nice change from "boring" nuts.
Director Mike Warzin


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